Top 15 Best Proxy Websites in 2022

In this article, I am going to tell you an easy method how to use the best proxy websites to keep your websites safe and secure from hacking without any of cost  .so here I am going to give top best proxy sites to open blocked websites and I make sure that it is really helpful to you.

what is proxy

proxy is nothing but it hides the real address of the site .so no one could trace your site . or other words proxy is a server that acts as a firewall and web filters to provide shared network connections and cache. the advantage of proxy is that its cache can serve all the users.

be careful before trusting any sites, it’s better to keep antivirus on your computer, this antivirus help you to prevent any attacks and remove them before any harm to your files and data.

Be careful before trusting any sites, it’s better to keep antivirus on your computer, this antivirus help you to prevent any attacks and remove them before any harm to your files and data.

Top 15 best proxy websites:


This proxfree website is amazing. this website provides you amazing speed. and all the features which you needed it provides on the proxfree website.

best proxy websites

The main advantage of this proxfree website is it provides you full screen for visiting websites. this website has 11nservers  and 19 IP locations . and it also provides free SSL proxy which means your data is encrypted.proxfree provides you free SSL proxy

2. Zalmos Web Proxy

Zalmos provides you encryption and this Zalmos proxy website gives some website shortcut under the input field.

This website has a really simple user interface it provides you full screen for browsing website

Downside: Here you only have two EU countries to choose and no USA option here.

3. 4everproxy

The advantages of 4everproxy service.

This website gives many advantages to the users if when your website is blocked this 4everproxy unblocks. And this website has a simple user interface.

1.High Speed

This website has an unlimited bandwidth option. I used this website for sometimes, comparing to other websites it’s very fast without buffering.

Here You can access other sites and it is not a direct proxy

2.Straightforward Access

when you want to change your location you must type the website URL and change location if you want to change and click on go option.

I provide many options like Allows cookies, Remove Scripts Encrypt Pages, etc.

3. Breaks location barrier

This website has four web servers and 17 IP addresses. the main problem with this website is it has no option for hiding location.

These are the advantages of 4everproxy

4. Proxify

This proxify website is the same as other proxy websites. This is used for hiding  Ip address it encrypts web data. On this website, there is no guarantee that proxy websites encrypt your web data.

This website was found in 2003

proxy admin can view your real Ip address.

Downside: it is a paid proxy service and its cost is US$20 for the basic 48 servers and instant location switch features.

5. Proxy site

Proxy has many servers but this proxy website location shows the USA or Europe. This proxy website is very easy to use and it is free.

By using this proxy you can remove ads by using Adblock. Before using any proxy website you must have to know how to use a proxy, and you must clear about website name.


The direct option of visiting youtube,  Facebook.

Downside: if you want to choose any location you can’t get a direct location and you can’t choose which location in the USA or Europe.


This website is an amazing website it has ten web servers .website claim that it can block any website and it is  100%secure .the best thing about this website is you can install in firefox or google chrome in the form of extensions.


On this website, it can unblock your favorite social networks such as Facebook or Twitter with a simple click. it is an amazing website that allows people all over the world to bypass internet filters and enjoy unrestricted browsing.

FilterBypass is a free anonymous web proxy. Unlike other web proxies, here you can stream online on youtube we support all major streaming portals such as youtube and Dailymotion.

How does this website work?

Downside: This website doesn’t specify what services it will connect to, not even the general location(the US or Europe).

Here this website allows our users to delete their cookies anytime for greater anonymity.  trust me this proxy service is free and it keeps your website so safe and secure. Moreover, there is no need to install any proxy software or VPN service to use our 100% free proxy service.ansd also it hides the Ip address.

The targeted website does not see your personal information such as your IP address & browser.

if you want to unlock any website you write here then it fetches it for you using its server. Moreover, if you want to change the bit information or to modify information you must want us to show to the targeted website by changing the user agent. Thus it acts as a middleman between you and the website and efficiently hides your IP address.

8. CorsProxy

On this website I will suggest you check the first free plan then go with a paid plan .this This is a new website it will give you full- screen access.

This website offers free chrome extension like  VPN .so you no need to visit this website, again and again, .if you pay money to this website you can remove adds.


Wikipedia is one of the sites. which is bouncing page to page This website is useful for when your site  Wikipedia blocked in your school or office at that time you can use this websurf.init has all features you could ask for in a proxy site it takes some time to get change in settings it will be easily ticked on and off with a click. this website has Amazing features is that you have your quick links ready and we recommended if you want to use a proxy site for India.

If you want to visit this site you must have to scroll down when you started typing and the UI is average.

10. OrangeProxy

This website main server in the USA, This site is helpful for those who are looking to access the geo-locked website located in the USA.

we tried to give access to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter with much success.  if you use this proxy you will always know. another great addition to its user interface is an array of links to common search engines like Google, Duckduckgo, and bing.

Downside: on this orange proxy website youtube and Netflix don’t work.

11. Megaproxy

The web more securely and privately anywhere and at any time. from any Internet-enabled location without the complexities of software installations, third-party browser plugin-ins or re-configurations

innovative exclusive technology that would proactively safeguard your online privacy and identity, allow you to surf the Internet revealing neither personal details nor information about your web destinations while protecting your browser with application-aware security against common threats such as web browser hijacking and Internet snooping.

A Web SSL VPN service that allows you to surf You will need just a browser and an Internet connection to enjoy the power of Megaproxy® WEB VPN

Downside: This website, if you visit too many websites it has limited you to access and it has a lot of bandwidth to work.


This website mostly used by Russian people and Chinese people if you know the Russian language there is no problem to use this is primarily in the Cyrillic text.This is in a different language so may people or not willing to take a plunge.

You still have the standard features, which is a great plus in our book we highly recommended this proxy site for China and those near around  Russian because of proximity wise, This who have brave to test it out will have access to proxy servers in Bulgaria, Russian, Australia and Japan Yes, if ever there are sites out there that are Japan-specific, then this is the site t be in.

comparing to US Server,  Russian servers load faster.

Downside: you might have long load times if you are accessing this site from the US.and also you might pull up your favorite websites in Cyrillic.but you can change that by changing the server.


Hide .me is a VPN provider based in Malaysia they don’t have any mandatory data retention Laws.

Our free proxy allows you to unblock any blocked website. In the screenshot you will see, you just type the website address in the box below and access any site if you want.

It is a VPN service. This is not a proxy website I already told you the difference between proxy and VPN. by using this website you can download any software. its Amazing website. and easy use and keep your website secure

VPN offers security for internet access and also a browser. I want to tell you the main important thing for the users is every site is not safe without using the best VPN or proxy.

After reading this information which I gave above steps I make sure that you will learn that good or bad about hiding. my website so you easily decide if its the right Vpn or not for your needs.

Most f the people are using VPN comparing to proxy you couldn’t find whether it is proxy or VPN because it has similar features (a virtual private network)


Here some websites might be willing to compromise a quarter of their screen to access their favorite website. this website offers a VPN on every screen which might be irritating.

The main aim of it verifies the information when your computer sends it to the is a service.

VPN acts as a middle man between you and the receiver just like a proxy. It is perfect for checking proxy and providing information about your VPN server and scanning blacklists for your IP address.

Here which can be used by third-party resources to find out the information about your computer.VPN encrypts and secures any applications .proxy sites will be maintained in different domains.

The main and the most powerful side of its service is the interactive checking by Java, Flash, and WebRTC, allowing to detect the actual system settings and its weaknesses, The service shows whether your computer enables Flash and Java, as well as its language and system settings, OS and web-browser, define the DNS, etc.

if you use the best VPN no one can hack your website  thing I want to tell you before using any website please best proxy or best VPN and must you have to know how to use VPN and proxy.

Downside: I tell you its not our idea because each page that you visit has a big banner at the top show casting their VPN service.

15. ZaceBookpk

Coming to this ZacebookPK website in Pakistan youtube and Facebook is banned so for this reason this ZaceBookpk website is especially only made for Pakistan.

If you are not from Pakistan you no need to worry .happily you can you this website. This website has a really simple user interface.

Disadvantage: it takes 33% of your screen real estate because there is a constant banner indicating the site at the top of the screen.


Coming to the conclusion. I hope you have learned something from this article and I hope all you all these proxy websites. if you are interested you can choose the best proxy websites which I have given in the above links.

If I miss anything please let me know in a comment below.

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