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Download latest Gb whatsapp Apk verified [August 2020]


What is the use of Gb Whatsapp Apk:

Gb WhatsApp is free to download the messenger app for those who are using smartphones. And this GB WhatsApp will take 28mb to download an app and it uses the internet to send messages, media images, audios, or videos and share current location or live location from one smartphone to another smartphone through Gb whats app.

Gb WhatsApp service is similar to text messaging service but here the text messaging app will charge to send a message and it has 100 messages limit per day .comapring to text messaging app Gb whats app will access the internet to send messages and it has no limit and cost for sending messages or any media.cost of using what’s app is less than texting.

Gb whats app is one of the best apps comparing to regular WhatsApp or whats app plus and Gb is the most popular app over the entire world. the people who are using smartphones are installing Gb whats app application.

Latest Features Added and uses of Gb Whatsapp Apk:

GB whats app features the ability to send the broadcast messages up to 600 people at a time and send up to 90 images comparing to regular whats app instead of 30 images. and you can also write a status of 255 characters and you can also download our friends  30 seconds status directly. In Gb whats app you can also increase file size limits of videos.

Gb Whatsapp


  • In Gb WhatsApp you can also keep DND mode by keeping this DND mode you can’t get any messages from Gb whats app while you are using the internet.
  • Hide online status, blue Ticks, Double Ticks, status seen, writing status Recording, blue microphone through Gb privacy settings.
  • Anti revoke .here Anti revoke is nothing but if you can enable anti revoke the one who chats with you if they delete any message .the message won’t be deleted.
  • custom chat
  • message schedule
  • Broadcast messages to groups
  • send larger videos than regular whats app
  • you can able to send APK and zip files directly
  • you can also download whats app status directly.
  • while chatting  you can also watch  youtube
  • Attach pictures to the text which you copied from chats.
  • you can also keep different passwords to different chats.
  • Hide chats with password beside DND(whats app) so you can’t get any message notification on display.
  • change app font.
  • Excellent themes can change font, background and style, and more.
  • Media sharing can send more files.
  • conversation screen mod in chat mod.
  • main/chats screen mods added.
  • uploading Large size status but Large size status appearance only Gb to GB.
  • clean log files this log files are nothing but it can check the history who are online.
  • other features and other mods.
  • schedule messages in whats app(if you want to send a message to someone at a particular time then this works best in message scheduling.
  • play a video file without downloading, very useful when you have less internet speed.
  • you can change app icons available in WhatsApp
  • you can also have an option to keep 24 hours online if you are connected to the internet even though you are not using what’s app.
  • show or hide online status even tough your last seen is 2days back you can send and receive messages.
  • Available many languages.

If you need any more information about GB WhatsApp or questions in downloading and using WhatsApp please do comment below.

How to install the latest version of Apk (Apk is nothing but updated):

  1. Download Gb whats app it gives you two options whether to install or cancel then click on install if you are not given access to install an app from other than play store.it will stop you to install then authorized it from settings.
  2. if you have verified your phone number then it will start initializing tour Gb whats app it will take 1to 2 minutes.
  3. later installing will be done and later asks to open or finish .click on the open button and you get a screen to verify your phone number then you can click on restore if you have previously installed whats app.
  4. whenever the initializing process completes it checks is there any back up found available to restore click on restore.or in another way you can click on agree and continue now you have fully configured your whats app
  5. observe options like status, Gb settings Restart, clear call log, settings, etc..

If you want any change settings like chat popup notifications, widgets media settings, and change MODS, lock, and more…

why we need to download Gb WhatsApp:

Gb whats app is much better than Regular WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus. Gb whats app has stability and fast updates according to the version comparing to normal regular whats app.

  1. Gbwhats app supports calls
  2. we can show always online when we go with some  business account
  3. Anti Revoke option plays the best role even send delete the messages still we have it
  4. Sends us the notifications when friends come online
  5. We can automatically Disconnect incoming calls.


We have added the latest version of the GB WhatsApp here you can simply download from our SSL secure servers. if you have any problem in downloading then please do comment below.


20+ The Pirate Bay Proxy Mirror Sites August-2020 List [100% Working]


The Pirate Bay Proxy Mirror Sites

In this era of technology everyone wanted that they want to download movies and any shows free of cost in this digital world .when torrents came out the users can download any games or movies almost any platform for free of cost browsing and using a torrent.

Here I am going to write In this article which I found that websites full of annoying Vpn ads. I founded in Google the pirate bay alternative, Proxies.

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay Proxy Mirror Sites

The pirate bay is the king of the torrent websites because it is the oldest website in torrent one and it is really amazing and still growing.

I know many people use the pirate bay by using torrent for downloading and face downtime.

The main problem with this website is that Ads. Ads will keep distracting you. because while using this in the middle you get porn Ads. once if you know how to use this pirate bay you love it.

VPN uses the different domains .the pirate bay TPB moves from the piratebay[.]use to the piratebay[.]org domain due to some services issues and it faces in every month downtime.

I make sure that before using any TPB proxy Alternatives and proxy sites use the best VPN.

everyone knows the difference between a proxy and VPN.and how to use the VPN.

The Pirate Bay proxy and unblocked Mirror site list:

Pirate Proxy List maintains a list of proxy sites that allow access to the pirate bay. and these proxy sites are the most comfortable methods to bypass the security.

 1. Extra Torrent :


The main use if this torrent is if you want to download any movie you can select the direct link and use it to download these torrent files and magnet links used for one file to another file .through bit torrent protocol it is a large platform for downloading HD movies like Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamil movies Games and more.

once you open a bit torrent or any similar software once you installed getting the torrent file on your computer.

Extra torrent website is similar to the pirate bay.

2. 1337X 

RARBG is a very famous website that provides the torrent files and links by using this RARBG you can download your favorite movies in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English etc.and you can also download APPS, Games.

It provides the quality of content .this site is very useful to access your favorite content.

 3. KickAss Torrent :

kickAss torrent is a bit torrent which is launched in 2008. the best thing in this torrent is increasing visitors when the pirate bay was offline for 2 months. This website is also available in 45 languages making it easy for non-English readers to access the content.

kickass torrent has been shut down and its founder is arrested.

The Pirate Bay Proxy List:

S. No. URL Country Speed Status
1  ducking proxy. EU   SE Very fast Live
2  fastpiratebay.co.uk   SE Fast Live
3  hyperproxy.net   IT Very fast Live
4  ikwildepiratebay.org   BE Very fast Live
5  pirate prox.club   AU Very fast Live
6  pirate proxy. click   PT Fast Live
7  pirate proxy.yt   GB Fast Live
8  pirate today. click   PT Very fast Live
9  proxy pirate.in   GB Very fast Live
10  proxyproxyproxy.NL   AU Very fast Live
11  proxyship. click   ES Very fast Live
12  the pirate bay.bet   NL Very fast Live
13  the pirate bay.blue  IN Very fast Live
14  TPB.tw   PT Fast Live
15  tpbunblocked.org   PT Fast Live
16  unblocktpb.com   NL Fast Live
17  urban proxy.EU   GB Fast Live
18  were pirates. click   IN Very fast Live
19 the pirate bay.pet IN Very Fast Live
20 Proxy GB Fast Live
21 Proxy AU Fast Live
22 Proxy US Very Fast Live

As the internet has dramatically grown, every file-sharing website has been legally forced to shut-down to certain copyright policy violations. and the media organizations in the world have continuously against the pirating of copyrighted media.

This is a site from where you can directly download music, videos, and software at high speed. many such websites have already replaced their positions with such a large number of users . and it is rapidly grown among file sharing web managers.

According to them, there is a very little code if conduct can do to stop them from exchanging the multimedia.

How Pirate Bay Works

This pirate bay is 100% for your personal use. since the earliest days, users worldwide have used it to share files .it takes less to share media like songs, videos, movies, and software so home users occasionally find this cheap way.

The Pirate Bay website tracks down the files that can be directly downloaded. pirate bay never reserves all the rights to publish any information about the violation of its use.it is also says never use the tracker in such a way that it will violate the privacy of the others.

you can share even the largest video files, including high-quality television shows and full feature-length film.file sharing wasn’t widespread when this meant competing for modern connections, followed by waiting hours to download a large file just to get a single, short, badly pixilated video.

How does aTorrent  operate

Torrents are one of the most popular forms of file sharing on the internet, torrent files allow you to download virtually any type of file from everyone else that is sharing it. A few torrent client managers your torrent downloads.

  • first must have to know before you can download torrent install a torrent client, you need to install an application that is capable of downloading torrents.
  • find a torrent Tracker site then download the torrent file.
  • after few seconds open the torrent file . and you can seeding the torrent file.

What is a proxy server

The main advantage of proxy is that its cache can serve all the users .if one or more internet sites are frequently requested .proxy servers acts as a firewall and web filters to provide shared network connections and cache.

a proxy server is nothing but it hides the real address of the site. mainly companies use a proxy server. The best torrent companies change the proxy servers regularly, so the IP address is never the same.

proxy sites will be maintained on different domains . and simply a proxy server is a type of computer that works as a hub between multiple users through which the requests of u are processed.

If you use the best proxy it will keep your website safe and secure from hacking because it acts as an intermediate between the user’s computer and the internet to prevent any attacks and remove them before.


Concluding its amazing torrent site . its availability is far from perfect. In this article, I listed many different proxy sites that allow you to access .the best thing I like in this the pirate bay safely and anonymously using VPN service. and I hope you have learned something from this article. if you are interested you can choose the best proxy which I have given in the above links.

Check your mobile number Airtel,Idea,BSNL, Reliance jio latest versions in August 2020


Here I am going to tell you an easy method about how to check your mobile number on your phone without asking your friends or relatives. when you buy a new sim card or when someone gives you any new network sim it takes time to remember a new mobile number or if someone gives you a new sim. At that time you definitely call to your friends or relatives or by whom you received a new sim for asking your mobile number.  In this tutorial, I will tell you how to check your phone number without asking anyone.

some times in your mobile there is an insufficient balance to make a call, Here the question is how can you find your phone number when your balance is insufficient. Here I will tell you the best tutorial for checking your mobile number of telecom operators with zero balance like Airtel, Idea, Docomo, Reliance, Telenor, and Reliance jio by using USSD codes without any charges.

if you are looking for a disposable number that can be used for a little time for OTP verification check all disposable numbers from the top listed sites that offer disposable mobile OTP services.

You can check your mobile number with the used codes, let’s know what is USSD code? i.e Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which is a code used by the GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) network to retrieve the information and communicate with the GSM service Provider

How to check Airtel mobile number by using USSD code:

Airtel is the leading mobile network in India which has the best

  • If you want to know your mobile number Dail *1#  only from your Airtel network.
  • In another way, you can also Dail by using USSD codes to know your airtel mobile number on your phone.

*121*93#                   *140*175

*140*1600#             *282#        

*400*2*1*10#        *141*123# 

I will add tables just write content der

updated USSD codes  list  which I gave above to check Data balance, Account balance

How to check JIO mobile number by using USSD code:
check your mobile number

You can check the jio mobile number with the jio app or you can simply check the jio balance opening the app. check all other Jio USSD codes that are verified.

How to check Idea mobile number by using USSD code:

To check your Idea phone number dial *1# from your idea mobile, it will show the mobile number

How to check  Reliance mobile number by using USSD code:

To check the balance in jio Dial *1# or alternatively  *111# 

How to check  Vodafone mobile number by using USSD code:

Dial *111*2# for Vodafone balance check 

How to check  Telenor mobile number by using USSD code:

  • Dial *1#  on your Telenor mobile number to check the Telenor own mobile number

How to check  BSNL mobile number by using USSD code:

Check the BSNLUSSD *222#  for BSNL balance check

How to check your mobile number all networks:

Here we have listed all the network USSD codes in the below time, Currently, idea and Vodafone came together and formed a network. Now you can simply dial *1# to know your mobile number.

Airtel*121*9#  or *121*1#
Idea*131*1# or *121*4*6*2#
OperatorUSSD Code
Reliance*1# or *111#
TATA DOCOMO*1# Or *124#


we have listed all the mobile USSD codes that are working, these are all verified used codes, if you have ay problem in getting your mobile number please do comment below for a resolution.

If you can’t find the solution please do comment and let me know do u like the article.

Best torrent Sites August 2020


Torrent sites that are working and which will give you the best download speed and gives information are very less. Now we are sorting the best torrent websites that ate working now in various countries.

Now let’s think about why we need to have the list of the best torrent sites is many countries and search engines are blocking the torrent sites as some of them may contain the harmful virus and some of them having less speed and redirect them to the harmful sites.

Now we have sorted the best torrent websites. they are

1. Torrentz2

2. iDope

3. Torrent Downloads

TorrentDownloads torrent site

Torrent downloads are another very popular torrent site. it contains a collection of movies new and old.it is easy to navigate and well-organized torrent library.

If you are searching hard to find movies then this torrent site is best for you.unfortunately it is blocked in some countries.

4 Zooqle

Zooqle torrent site

Zooqle is one of the best torrent sites in up and coming torrent sites. the use of Zooqle is we can download everything alike movies, TV shows and also games.

zooqle has an excellent search bar we can find any content.

it is the best torrent game site.

5 1337x

you can check the 1337x proxy sites here

6 YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent is a torrent tracking website for the peer to peer file sharing website founded as mybittorrent in 2003, and after the new site, your BitTorrent is a result of the split in ownership in 2009.

the type of site is a BitTorrent search engine and available in English and it is not commercial type.

on 22nd March 2009, the owners of mybittorrent disagreed on the future of the website .on 9 July 2009, the domain myBittorrent.com was shut down after most of the traffic had moved onto yourBittorrent.com already.


RARBG Proxy &Mirror Site List latest version in 2020

rarbg site is banned in many countries for which you may not able to access the site with the specific country strongly recommend a good VPN app for the rarbg.

Rarbg has many proxy sites which are known for us all rarbg proxy sites are listed here Check Rarbg Proxy sites here

8. TorrentsGroup

the torrent group is the biggest BitTorrent system.it is a relatively low traffic website. this website had a flawless reputation, so you don’t have to take any extra precautions when browsing it.

This torrent site was established in 2016 and since grown to host over 225,000 torrents.it consists of movies, tv-series, anime, apps, and games.

The average download speed of this torrent is 5.5MB/s


EZTV torrent site

EZTV was founded in May 2005. It was well known by many avid torrenters. After experiencing a hostile takeover, EZTV was claimed by a new group operating at EZTV.AG.

The popular content formats are TV series and movies. It is banned in some countries and supports instant downloads.

10. YTS.AM

11.The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a good website for downloading the tv shows music, I consider using Pirate Bay for the games, applications.

12. Torlock

Torlock torrent site


The torlock was established in 2010. Torlock is a torrent index and search engine mainly focused on tv-series and movies. Torlock is particular about ensuring that users have access to only genuine torrents, and it takes this so seriously that it once introduced a program. If you are looking for a website with complete legitimate content, Torlock is the one for you. It focuses on eliminating fake content and will even pay users $1 per phony torrent they provide.

Mirror: torlock.unblocked.krd


13. Bit Torrent Scene

Bit Torrent Scene torrent site


Bit Torrent scene was established in 2017. It is one of the leading sources of torrents online.

It allows users to torrent movies, TV series, music, games, and ebooks.it also supports instant downloads. The average download speed of Bit Torrent Scene is 3.6MB/s

14. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrent was established in 2009.LimeTorrent is one of the torrent sites with the biggest databases out there.

The popular content formats are movies, Tv series, music, and games. It is banned in some countries.

The average download speed was 2.8MB/s


15. Demonoid

Demonoid torrent site

It was established in 2003. In the same year as The Pirate Bay, and it’s had its fair share of downtime due to political pressure. The site with over 10 million users has over 800,000 torrent files and provides torrents for movies, TV series, music, books, applications, and games. Our research shows that Demonoid has more movies and TV series than other files, followed by music.



There are plenty of options for all users on this site from music to ebooks to games and documentaries. There’s also a special section where you can live stream movies and TV shows.

Mirrors: torrent galaxy.mrunlock.pro, torrent galaxy.nocensor.ICU, torrent galaxy.unlockproject.live

17. TorrentKing.eu

TorrentKing.eu Download movies, tv-series, applications, games, ebooks and other torrents for free with 0 ads using TorrentRex torrent search engine. Looking for Torrent King’s popular content, reviews, and catchy facts? Here we go: we found that torrenting.eu is getting little traffic (approximately about 15K visitors monthly) and thus ranked low, according to Alexa. We also discovered that the most significant portion of the traffic comes from India (18,8%) and male users predominate (99%). This domain has a very good reputation, so you can visit it.


Now we have added the best sites which are useful and working if some sites are not working then I recommend using a VPN to get to the sites.

Download voot app for pc (latest 2020)


what is the use of the Voot app:

It is the one type of favorite app by downloading this voot app you can watch many of shows, Tv Serials, Movies, in many multiple languages like Telugu, Hindi, Kanada, Marathi, Bengali and more. by downloading this voot app you can watch free online videos and you will get original videos of your favorite Tv shows and programs with HD streaming on.

In this era of technology most of the kids watching their favorite channels like a cartoon, kids stories, Basic videos for kids and kids learning videos it is offered by voot kids zone

This app for Android and IOS devices . its a video streaming application. now, this app available in windows and mac devices .by using this app you can spend your incredible streaming to your favorite shows.

voot app

How to download voot app in your computer:

  1. Before installing the app you should have an internet connection after connecting First you have to install a blue stacks app player that supports all android apps and games on your computer.
  2. Click the button which appears as a download for downloading blue stack application.
  3. After downloading it will take some time to initialize (It depends on your internet speed to initialize).
  4. Later blue stack app will be opened
  5. if you want to use an app for the streaming search for voot APK in the search box(APK files can be installed only on Android systems).


Before installing the voot app which requirements PC needed:

  • For installing this voot app you need some requirements to support the voot app on your computer.
  •  Minimum processor speed is 1 GHz.because  it will require a minimum of 1GB of RAM
  •  when we open the app while using the app you can get some adds By using the lucky patcher app you can remove adds.
  • It is better to keep more than 1GB RAM.
  • If your net connection. is slow it takes more time to download the voot app so please maintain a high-speed net connection( 100kbps to 200 kbps ) it will easily download.

how to stream on PC by using the voot app:

By using voot app users can stream videos on Android devices. you can open the homepage and select your favorites shows, serials or any kids entertainment shows like cartoon .mainly this app is also built for kids entertainment because in this app there is a separate section are available for kids entertainment.

you can use the search bar to find your favorite shows or serials and the latest episodes are added. you can watch them from a jio4g voice for pc/windows. this voot can provide how to watch any Tv shows or kids’ bedtime stories through the app directly. and Browse Genre category for shows to stream.

the best advantage of this app is without any cost it is going trendy from a release date of this app on google play store.

Most of the people are addicted to PUB-G game this app is very useful for PUB-G players to stream live.TO download the PUB-G game from google play it takes 1 GB.

Its features:

Today there a lot of apps in that the Voot app is one of the popular apps it has many features listed below.

  • you can select and watch the best tv shows and movies which are your favorite shows to stream with HD.
  • you can watch online shows without any cost and you will get the best of reality, comedy, and drama shows.
  • if you are not interested to watch the present show .you can select quickly another one. choosing your favorite streaming shows are straight forward.
  • only within seconds, you can download your favorite shows and programs.
  • if you want any trending shows and channels you can use discover cards.
  •  when you are watching any movies or programs if you resumed the video and continue at the same time when the video suddenly stopped.
  • if you want a big screen for your stream you can use chrome cast.


I  hope all you like this about the voot app and make sure to share this information with every one and this very useful for those who are using the voot app.

I hope this information is useful for those who are playing PUB- G  game for streaming.

25+ Free movies Download Sites list 2020(Verified)


Here I am going to tell you an easy method to download movies and free of cost by using different apps.

In this article you can get more information about different apps to download movies free .firstly you must have to check internet connection is fast or not before downloading any movie. if you reading this article means you did not find any quality website to download movies free.

I am going to publish a list of apps to download free movies. I mean a list of quality from where you can download the latest Tollywood movies,  Bollywood movies, and Hollywood movies any free of cost.

Use of the torrent site to download movies free app:

Torrent sites which are working and which will give you the best download speed.Torrent is illegal in many countries.in some countries torrent website is banded and in India is also ban this torrent website. you no need to worry about this before you use any torrent website you can use the best VPN or proxy to keep secure from hacking your site.

suppose if you want to watch any videos from any website if the website is not opening in your computer or phone then you can use a VPN or proxy. by using this VPN or proxy technique you can’t face any problems watching videos.

Free Movies Download Sites List:

1. Yify Movies

free movies download

This is one of my favorite sites and on this website, by using torrent you can easily download the latest movies which you can see in the screenshot. I make sure that you will like this website and the design is amazing.

This website will give you full details of movies like watch time and rating etc . and you can know about particular film comments is that movie is good or bad to watch.

before downloading the latest movie from torrent site you must have to know how to use torrent.

The torrent website produces which are of high quality for their users but when you using you have to keep the size of a torrent is minimum as possible.

I want to tell you one important thing for the users is every site is not safe without using the best VPN torrenting site.VPNs are most important to use these types of websites because these websites are blocked in many countries and torrent is illegal.

suppose if you create any website by using torrent you can replicate a large number of which has the same torrent and magnet links as the parent websites.

By using torrent sites you can download movies it downloads the quality of content.

2. Hdpopcorns

This Hdpopcorns torrent website is used but of course, it will be used has illegal. this website is amazing its user interface is like YIFY movies.

In some counties websites are band But please make sure that before downloading a torrent movie from any website VPN must be download. In India, it is not a big issue it depends on your country.

In this Hdpopcorns website, Alexa ranks 6401, just imagine how big this website is. it gets around 5.4m Million visitors per month. this website is amazing.

You can download here all the latest films. you can easily sort them according to Genere, Rating, Quality, etc. in one word this website will show you all the details of movies. The Hdpopcorns website will give only the information about films.

3. Showbox Android Apk

This Android Apk offers free movies and tv shows for free movies. And this Showbox is one of the most popular and video streaming applications and this is only available for Android users.

in this Android APK if you can download any movie and you have no time to see the movie it has an option to see the downloaded movie in your free time. it means you can download and watch them later.

once download the app and try if you are an android user.

4. 1337x

RARBG  is a  very famous website that provides the torrent files and links by using this RARGB you can download your favorite HD movies in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, etc.

By using this website you can download movies, Apps, games and more and it provides the Quality of content. These sites will be maintained in different domains. this site is very useful to access your favorite content.

I make sure that you all like this website because in this year many new movies are releasing so you can use this website link for downloading new movies.

If you find your favorite movie then don’t forget to use the search box

5. BobMovies

this website is useful for the users who don’t want to use the torrent then users can try the Bob movies. Here in bob movies, you will get the latest films in any language .you can sort easily according to country, Year, and genres.

By using bob movies if you download the movie you can view the trailer as well as full movie online without downloading.  make sure that internet speed must be fast to watch online.

This is the best site to download the movie without using torrent and its speed is amazing. On this website, you can create an account and leave a comment on any movie. In bob movies you dint have annoying adds.

6. Filimyanju

Mostly filimyanju uploads Bollywood, Punjab, Tamil, and Pakistani Movies and you can also find Hollywood section.you can also get information about upcoming films and you can even request a film when you are unable to find it anywhere on the internet. this Filimyanju is best for Desi people.

Mostly Hollywood movies based on action .if you are an Indian you like emotional or romance films.

7. The pirate bay

This pirate bay is the king of the torrent website because it is the oldest website in torrents one and still it is growing and this website is amazing.

once if you know how to use this pirate bay website you love it. the main problem with is website is that Ads. Ads will keep distracting you. because while using this in the middle you get porn Ads.

private Bay has a very classic look.

8. kat (KickassTorrents)

kat is an official torrent website. This website has a simple user interface to make sure that you like this website. you can download Music, books, apps, etc.

you can see any torrent website almost the content is the same I mean all website websites are competing with each other.

9. Ipagal

From this website, you can download Hindi, English, and Punjabi movies. the main problem with the website is that we get so many ads while using the website. it means when you click on something it will open the popup. you will face at least 4-5 popups while opening the link of your movie.

This website has a simple interface and this website does not exit it has an only home page where links will redirect.

10. The Internet Archive

On this website, you don’t get any latest movies or the latest movie updates. so I don’t like this website if you like classics movies you will love this website.

The main use of this website is it can store anything on the internet it means if I change open tech info it will be stored on the internet archive.

11. Youtube

Everyone known about youtube it is a famous website 90% of people using the internet. Here you can watch free movies on the internet.

if your internet connection is you don’t get any issues because youtube has awesome speed .i think everyone knows how fast it is. youtube is available for the android and ios I think you knew it. but you will not find all the movies on youtube . some movies are paid movies it means you have to pay some money and download the movie.

I love youtube.

12. RARG

This is a very famous and amazing website. you can download movies free from this website.

13. Pirateiro

This pirateiro is very famous and amazing. because this website is famous for two things movies and shows. according to pirateiro, it gets around 1.2 million visitors per month.

In this torrent website, you will face ads until you don’t sign up. the search box can be used to finding a specific one.

14. Cinisearch

this website is different because this is the search engine for the movies if you are unable to find any movie name then you should try in this CiniSearch. It is similar to Google to search the movie name.

you can sort result what you want which is needed you like a torrent, pure torrent some language options, etc.

15. Idope

This website is very easy to use for smartphone users, dope created an android app.you will not this dope app in Google play store you have to download it from the website.

you will find a search box after downloading the app just enter the movie name which you want.  you will find your film name no matter it is an old movie or a new movie.

16. Zoogle (Expired)

This Zoogle website was started in 2013. present it is available in the top 10 torrents sites. Zoogle website is available in two languages. you can browse category from the top menu.

This is a great website for media files .comparing to other torrent websites it has no difference .its web traffic is 16.22 mm. just imagine how much famous this website.

17. Torrent Downloads

This is a very famous torrent website here you will get Games, Music Movie Tv shows all these are free of cost.

In this website different languages, movies are available to download like Hindi, English, Spanish films are available to download. Here you find ads but not annoying ads.

On this website, torrent downloads get around 15.7 million visitors per month. and in this website default videos are sort by popularity.but you can use the search box.

18. Go download movies

Coming to this website I don’t know how to use and I don’t like this website.


In this  TOHRD  you will get the only HD film meanings you will not get which films were released yesterday.TORHD  is easy to use and the best thing is there are no ads. it is free from ads.

All necessary navigation makes it easy to find any film. here you can download a movie in the 720p or 1080p.


If you are from any continent side like Asia, Africa must have to use proxy or VPN to watch online movies or download. On this website, Cmmovieshd movies get around 2.2 million visitors per month.

On this website, the video player is like youtube and here you can also change speed, control subtitle, video format. Here ads are a little bit annoying.

A proxy is nothing but it hides the real address of the sites. Be careful before trusting any site.

21. HouseMovie.to

This house movie.to is another quality website for watching movies and downloading.here in every movie it has an option like button and dislike button. here you can find any movie review and rating.

while playing a video you get popup adds or when you stop video clip. there is an upcoming section that is also available it surprises you it is an amazing website.

On this website, you found only Hollywood films. There is also a separate blog related to news of Hollywood.

22. Critic Bay site opening try Movie sites

critic bay is a non Torrent website and it is not a fake website still it is working. Here you have to click two times to open the link because when you click the first time it will open adds .the the main problem of the movie site is not ads its annoying ads.

23. MoviecastBlog

Moviecastblog is the number one best website. This website design is like a blog here only holly movies will available there are no ads on this website.

you can subscribe to their mail later if you want notifications for new movies. The category section is also available.

24. XFlimy wap

This website is famous for Indian movies while using this website you will face annoying ads.  you can try this website XFlimywap The one who is not interested to use torrent.

In this website Tollywood movies, Bollywood movies and Punjabi movies are also available. you make sure that you need to use Proxy or VPN to this website.

25. Hotstar

every Indian knows hot stars very well. if you want to watch any serials you have to pay some times this is paid.

the one who gets irritated with adds while watching the movie you can choose this website .this hot star website works only in Indian country.

26. Popcornflix

On this website, you can view films as well as tv shows .but before watching movies without buffering your internet connection must be speed.

popcornflix is earning money from the ads by using a search bar you can search for the latest movies. and here there is no rating option .but while watching a film you can add the comment.

27. Paid Netflix

Netflix is an amazing choice because you can download free using torrent websites. not only films some shows which are only available on Netflix.

In pad Netflix, you can face some errors because many people using that account.

28. 123movieswatch.fun

This website is only useful for only four countries USA, Korea, China, Taiwan By using this website you watch online movies without using torrent. but here you can’t find the new latest movies.

29.  Amazon Prime

here you can find both free and paid movies from the various languages, it is having less price than the Netflix and have new movies updated within a short period


coming to the conclusion of this article I hope all you like this about Free movies download. I have published only a few sites . from these few websites you can find any latest movies.so I don’t want to make a list of 50 websites.

I make sure to share his information with everyone and it is very useful this year those who are interested which I gave in the above links you can use any of the links for download new movies.

Activate JIO caller Tune for free (Verified in 2020)


Activate JIO caller Tune for free

Hi, friends here I am going to tell you a simple and easy method to activate free jio caller Tune on Reliance jio number. this Reliance jio is the most famous topic now and everyone is most `interested in it. if you are a jio user? Reliance jio provides to the jio user with free access to its suite of apps and free messages along with 4G data and unlimited voice calling and you can also set your favorite song as a caller tune to your number.there are no chargers to active jio caller tune, it’s all free of cost.

In this article, I am going to explain to you how to set or activate any of your favorite songs as your jio caller tune for your jio number. You no need to pay a single penny from your pocket . just need only jio sim and jio caller tune app to set your favorite song

How to  Activate jio caller Tune for free.

jio caller tune

  • For activation of the jio caller tune, you can start activating the caller tune, by sending a text message to jio caller tine toll-free number is 56789.
  • Before that in your mobile open message app.
  • In the message, app type JT and send it to 56789.
  • within seconds you will receive a message from jio care reply accordingly to set your caller tune.
  • if you want to make your favorite song as Reliance jio caller tune then just follow steps like below.

Type: MOVIE < movie Name >sen it to 56789SINGER <singer Name > send it to 56789ALBUM < album name > send it to 5678

  • If you want any of your favorite movie songs. Type the movie name and message as stated above.
  • In a couple of seconds, you will get a reply from Reliance jio.
  • just choose your favorite song with number and reply.
  • you will get one more SMS for final confirmation just reply “Y”
  • And confirm that you are activating reliance jio free caller tune service.
  •  All done! your free caller tune is successfully activated for 30 days.

enjoy this free service of reliance jio caller Tune. And I make sure that this process will take only one minute to activation of a jio caller tune.

Advantages of Reliance  jio caller  tune:

  1. By using Reliance jio app there is no need to pay a charge for activation of jio caller tune ( Because reliance  jio tune is free of cost)
  2. If any jio user-activated  Reliance jio number you can enjoy free services for a lifetime.
  3. if you are not interested in caller tune easy to deactivate.
  4. No charges to pay any monthly subscription. And no hidden charges.
  5. the Best advantage is without doing any process if you called someone as same jio user if he kept already jio caller tune if you like that song you can press * within seconds you get a message from jio care then you reply to that message as y for activating the same song.

How TO Activate jio caller Tune using mobile through  jio number :

It is a very easy and simple method to activate jio caller tunes for free with the help of the jio Music app you can set your favorite song through an internet connection and browse the jio caller tune song list.  TO activate your favorite song or change the caller tune.

Observe these steps which I gave below :

  • open the jio music app and select your favorite song to set as your caller tune. Tap on it and play the song.
  • While playing the music you can appear one option which is “set As a jio tune”. Click on that and set a caller tune.
  • These are the easy steps to activate the jio caller tune.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article is all about how to activate a jio caller tune without any cost through reliance jio number. it is very helpful in this year, I am sure that you will get new movies to set new songs as jio caller tunes.

If I miss anything pls let me know in a comment.

OYO Referral Code (GADDJV48M) latest 2020 coupons


OYO Referral Code (GADDJV48M)

Now use the OYO room referral code to get a discount on your stay and I will also tell you how to get free stays in Oyo, i.e the Total payable amount is zero for booking? Yes, that is possible.

Oyo is Now coming up with many offers Amazon pay offers, get some discount using oyo referral code.

OYO Referral Code

OYO Referral Code: GADDJV48M

Oyo is No 1 Hotel chain in India founded in 2013 and they have very luxurious hotels in some other countries like Malaysia, Uk, etc.

Free Hotel Booking with oyo:

Refer as many people as possible and get oyo rupees, which can be 100 percent redeemable and  Oyo money is 25 percent redeemable.

Oyo Wizard Membership:

To get another 10 percent on wizard base hotels, get wizard membership hotels.

  • How to signup for oyo:
  • Download the oyo apps from here
  • Enter a phone number and confirm with the OTP
  • Enter referral code GADDJV48M
  • set your password
  • after entering referral code, you get oyo money

Sign Up on OYO website: Now you have to enter your phone number and verify your One Time Password. Once you have done that, enter your Name, Email address and OYO refer code (UTKAQOD63A). That’s it! You can now check your OYO Rupee and OYO Money wallet for the referral reward to use on your Hotel booking

Top 15 best proxy websites 2020 (Verified)


In this article, I am going to tell you any easy method how to use best proxy websites to keep your websites safe and secure from hacking without any of cost  .so here I am going to give top best proxy sites to open blocked websites and I make sure that it is really helpful to you.

what is proxy

proxy is nothing but it hides the real address of the site .so no one could trace your site . or other words proxy is a server that acts as a firewall and web filters to provide shared network connections and cache. the advantage of proxy is that its cache can serve all the users.

be careful before trusting any sites, it’s better to keep antivirus on your computer, this antivirus help you to prevent any attacks and remove them before any harm to your files and data.

Be careful before trusting any sites, it’s better to keep antivirus on your computer, this antivirus help you to prevent any attacks and remove them before any harm to your files and data.

Top 15 best proxy websites:


This proxfree website is amazing. this website provides you amazing speed. and all the features which you needed it provides on the proxfree website.

best proxy websites

The main advantage of this proxfree website is it provides you full screen for visiting websites. this website has 11nservers  and 19 IP locations . and it also provides free SSL proxy which means your data is encrypted.proxfree provides you free SSL proxy

2. Zalmos Web Proxy

Zalmos provides you encryption and this Zalmos proxy website gives some website shortcut under the input field.

This website has a really simple user interface it provides you full screen for browsing website

Downside: Here you only have two EU countries to choose and no USA option here.

3. 4everproxy

The advantages of 4everproxy service.

This website gives many advantages to the users if when your website is blocked this 4everproxy unblocks. And this website has a simple user interface.

1.High Speed

This website has an unlimited bandwidth option. I used this website for sometimes, comparing to other websites it’s very fast without buffering.

Here You can access other sites and it is not a direct proxy

2.Straightforward Access

when you want to change your location you must type the website URL and change location if you want to change and click on go option.

I provide many options like Allows cookies, Remove Scripts Encrypt Pages, etc.

3. Breaks location barrier

This website has four web servers and 17 IP addresses. the main problem with this website is it has no option for hiding location.

These are the advantages of 4everproxy

4. Proxify

This proxify website is the same as other proxy websites. This is used for hiding  Ip address it encrypts web data. On this website, there is no guarantee that proxy websites encrypt your web data.

This website was found in 2003

proxy admin can view your real Ip address.

Downside: it is a paid proxy service and its cost is US$20 for the basic 48 servers and instant location switch features.

5. Proxy site

Proxy has many servers but this proxy website location shows the USA or Europe. This proxy website is very easy to use and it is free.

By using this proxy you can remove ads by using Adblock. Before using any proxy website you must have to know how to use a proxy, and you must clear about website name.


The direct option of visiting youtube,  Facebook.

Downside: if you want to choose any location you can’t get a direct location and you can’t choose which location in the USA or Europe.


This website is an amazing website it has ten web servers .website claim that it can block any website and it is  100%secure .the best thing about this website is you can install in firefox or google chrome in the form of extensions.

7. FilterBypass.me

On this website, it can unblock your favorite social networks such as Facebook or Twitter with a simple click. it is an amazing website that allows people all over the world to bypass internet filters and enjoy unrestricted browsing.

FilterBypass is a free anonymous web proxy. Unlike other web proxies, here you can stream online on youtube we support all major streaming portals such as youtube and Dailymotion.

How does this website work?

Downside: This website doesn’t specify what services it will connect to, not even the general location(the US or Europe).

Here this website allows our users to delete their cookies anytime for greater anonymity.  trust me this proxy service is free and it keeps your website so safe and secure. Moreover, there is no need to install any proxy software or VPN service to use our 100% free proxy service.ansd also it hides the Ip address.

The targeted website does not see your personal information such as your IP address & browser.

if you want to unlock any website you write here then it fetches it for you using its server. Moreover, if you want to change the bit information or to modify information you must want us to show to the targeted website by changing the user agent. Thus it acts as a middleman between you and the website and efficiently hides your IP address.

8. CorsProxy

On this website I will suggest you check the first free plan then go with a paid plan .this This is a new website it will give you full- screen access.

This website offers free chrome extension like  VPN .so you no need to visit this website, again and again, .if you pay money to this website you can remove adds.

9. Websurf.in

Wikipedia is one of the sites. which is bouncing page to page This website is useful for when your site  Wikipedia blocked in your school or office at that time you can use this websurf.init has all features you could ask for in a proxy site it takes some time to get change in settings it will be easily ticked on and off with a click. this website has Amazing features is that you have your quick links ready and we recommended if you want to use a proxy site for India.

If you want to visit this site you must have to scroll down when you started typing and the UI is average.

10. OrangeProxy

This website main server in the USA, This site is helpful for those who are looking to access the geo-locked website located in the USA.

we tried to give access to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter with much success.  if you use this proxy you will always know. another great addition to its user interface is an array of links to common search engines like Google, Duckduckgo, and bing.

Downside: on this orange proxy website youtube and Netflix don’t work.

11. Megaproxy

The web more securely and privately anywhere and at any time. from any Internet-enabled location without the complexities of software installations, third-party browser plugin-ins or re-configurations

innovative exclusive technology that would proactively safeguard your online privacy and identity, allow you to surf the Internet revealing neither personal details nor information about your web destinations while protecting your browser with application-aware security against common threats such as web browser hijacking and Internet snooping.

A Web SSL VPN service that allows you to surf You will need just a browser and an Internet connection to enjoy the power of Megaproxy® WEB VPN

Downside: This website, if you visit too many websites it has limited you to access and it has a lot of bandwidth to work.

12. Netmap.su

This website mostly used by Russian people and Chinese people if you know the Russian language there is no problem to use this website.Netmap.su is primarily in the Cyrillic text.This is in a different language so may people or not willing to take a plunge.

You still have the standard features, which is a great plus in our book we highly recommended this proxy site for China and those near around  Russian because of proximity wise, This who have brave to test it out will have access to proxy servers in Bulgaria, Russian, Australia and Japan Yes, if ever there are sites out there that are Japan-specific, then this is the site t be in.

comparing to US Server,  Russian servers load faster.

Downside: you might have long load times if you are accessing this site from the US.and also you might pull up your favorite websites in Cyrillic.but you can change that by changing the server.

13. Hide.me

Hide .me is a VPN provider based in Malaysia they don’t have any mandatory data retention Laws.

Our free proxy allows you to unblock any blocked website. In the screenshot you will see, you just type the website address in the box below and access any site if you want.

It is a VPN service. This is not a proxy website I already told you the difference between proxy and VPN. by using this website you can download any software. its Amazing website. and easy use and keep your website secure

VPN offers security for internet access and also a browser. I want to tell you the main important thing for the users is every site is not safe without using the best VPN or proxy.

After reading this information which I gave above steps I make sure that you will learn that good or bad about hiding. my website so you easily decide if its the right Vpn or not for your needs.

Most f the people are using VPN comparing to proxy you couldn’t find whether it is proxy or VPN because it has similar features (a virtual private network)


Here some websites might be willing to compromise a quarter of their screen to access their favorite website. this website offers a VPN on every screen which might be irritating.


The main aim of whore.net it verifies the information when your computer sends it to the web.whore.net is a service.

VPN acts as a middle man between you and the receiver just like a proxy. It is perfect for checking proxy and providing information about your VPN server and scanning blacklists for your IP address.

Here which can be used by third-party resources to find out the information about your computer.VPN encrypts and secures any applications .proxy sites will be maintained in different domains.

The main and the most powerful side of its service is the interactive checking by Java, Flash, and WebRTC, allowing to detect the actual system settings and its weaknesses, The service shows whether your computer enables Flash and Java, as well as its language and system settings, OS and web-browser, define the DNS, etc.

if you use the best VPN no one can hack your website IPAddress.one  thing I want to tell you before using any website please best proxy or best VPN and must you have to know how to use VPN and proxy.

Downside: I tell you its not our idea because each page that you visit has a big banner at the top show casting their VPN service.

15. ZaceBookpk

Coming to this ZacebookPK website in Pakistan youtube and Facebook is banned so for this reason this ZaceBookpk website is especially only made for Pakistan.

If you are not from Pakistan you no need to worry .happily you can you this website. This website has a really simple user interface.

Disadvantage: it takes 33% of your screen real estate because there is a constant banner indicating the site at the top of the screen.


Coming to the conclusion. I hope you have learned something from this article and I hope all you all these proxy websites. if you are interested you can choose the best proxy websites which I have given in the above links.

If I miss anything please let me know in a comment below.


Dunzo Referral code latest version in 2020


Dunzo Referral Code:

Dunzo facilitates local delivery, you can order Your daily needs from Dunzo apps such as fruits and vegetables, meat, gifts, etc.

Dunzo Referral code

How to order from Dunzo:

Download and install Dunzo app from here

Enter mobile number

Verify OTP

Enter email address

After you complete the verification, use referral code  xxxxx (you get an option to enter referral Code)

if you don’t get an option just uninstall the app and start the above procedure again. (Customer Support solution)

You Get 200 Dunzo cash

Dunzo Promo Code:

Currently, Dunzo app is not running any promo codes, all promotions and discounts are applied automatically

How to Redeem Dunzo cash:

You can use Dunzo cash on specific categories in-app, you will get some discount,

Dunzo cash is automatically applied

Final words:

Offering a great discount for new users, You can try and enjoy the service of dunzo. this dunzo app is very useful, we can order the food from everywhere. we can deliver food or any package with our loved once in dunzo. we have a lot of features and offers in dunzo.

By dunzo referral code, we can refer and earn up to 100 cashback on the next order.