Download latest Gb whatsapp Apk verified [September 2020]


What is the use of Gb Whatsapp Apk:

Gb WhatsApp is free to download the messenger app for those who are using smartphones. And this GB WhatsApp will take 28mb to download an app and it uses the internet to send messages, media images, audios, or videos and share current location or live location from one smartphone to another smartphone through Gb whats app.

Gb WhatsApp service is similar to text messaging service but here the text messaging app will charge to send a message and it has 100 messages limit per day .comapring to text messaging app Gb whats app will access the internet to send messages and it has no limit and cost for sending messages or any media.cost of using what’s app is less than texting.

Gb whats app is one of the best apps comparing to regular WhatsApp or whats app plus and Gb is the most popular app over the entire world. the people who are using smartphones are installing Gb whats app application.

Latest Features Added and uses of Gb Whatsapp Apk:

GB whats app features the ability to send the broadcast messages up to 600 people at a time and send up to 90 images comparing to regular whats app instead of 30 images. and you can also write a status of 255 characters and you can also download our friends  30 seconds status directly. In Gb whats app you can also increase file size limits of videos.

Gb Whatsapp


  • In Gb WhatsApp you can also keep DND mode by keeping this DND mode you can’t get any messages from Gb whats app while you are using the internet.
  • Hide online status, blue Ticks, Double Ticks, status seen, writing status Recording, blue microphone through Gb privacy settings.
  • Anti revoke .here Anti revoke is nothing but if you can enable anti revoke the one who chats with you if they delete any message .the message won’t be deleted.
  • custom chat
  • message schedule
  • Broadcast messages to groups
  • send larger videos than regular whats app
  • you can able to send APK and zip files directly
  • you can also download whats app status directly.
  • while chatting  you can also watch  youtube
  • Attach pictures to the text which you copied from chats.
  • you can also keep different passwords to different chats.
  • Hide chats with password beside DND(whats app) so you can’t get any message notification on display.
  • change app font.
  • Excellent themes can change font, background and style, and more.
  • Media sharing can send more files.
  • conversation screen mod in chat mod.
  • main/chats screen mods added.
  • uploading Large size status but Large size status appearance only Gb to GB.
  • clean log files this log files are nothing but it can check the history who are online.
  • other features and other mods.
  • schedule messages in whats app(if you want to send a message to someone at a particular time then this works best in message scheduling.
  • play a video file without downloading, very useful when you have less internet speed.
  • you can change app icons available in WhatsApp
  • you can also have an option to keep 24 hours online if you are connected to the internet even though you are not using what’s app.
  • show or hide online status even tough your last seen is 2days back you can send and receive messages.
  • Available many languages.

If you need any more information about GB WhatsApp or questions in downloading and using WhatsApp please do comment below.

How to install the latest version of Apk (Apk is nothing but updated):

  1. Download Gb whats app it gives you two options whether to install or cancel then click on install if you are not given access to install an app from other than play will stop you to install then authorized it from settings.
  2. if you have verified your phone number then it will start initializing tour Gb whats app it will take 1to 2 minutes.
  3. later installing will be done and later asks to open or finish .click on the open button and you get a screen to verify your phone number then you can click on restore if you have previously installed whats app.
  4. whenever the initializing process completes it checks is there any back up found available to restore click on restore.or in another way you can click on agree and continue now you have fully configured your whats app
  5. observe options like status, Gb settings Restart, clear call log, settings, etc..

If you want any change settings like chat popup notifications, widgets media settings, and change MODS, lock, and more…

why we need to download Gb WhatsApp:

Gb whats app is much better than Regular WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus. Gb whats app has stability and fast updates according to the version comparing to normal regular whats app.

  1. Gbwhats app supports calls
  2. we can show always online when we go with some  business account
  3. Anti Revoke option plays the best role even send delete the messages still we have it
  4. Sends us the notifications when friends come online
  5. We can automatically Disconnect incoming calls.


We have added the latest version of the GB WhatsApp here you can simply download from our SSL secure servers. if you have any problem in downloading then please do comment below.



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