25+ Free movies Download Sites list 2020(Verified)


Here I am going to tell you an easy method to download movies and free of cost by using different apps.

In this article you can get more information about different apps to download movies free .firstly you must have to check internet connection is fast or not before downloading any movie. if you reading this article means you did not find any quality website to download movies free.

I am going to publish a list of apps to download free movies. I mean a list of quality from where you can download the latest Tollywood movies,  Bollywood movies, and Hollywood movies any free of cost.

Use of the torrent site to download movies free app:

Torrent sites which are working and which will give you the best download speed.Torrent is illegal in many countries.in some countries torrent website is banded and in India is also ban this torrent website. you no need to worry about this before you use any torrent website you can use the best VPN or proxy to keep secure from hacking your site.

suppose if you want to watch any videos from any website if the website is not opening in your computer or phone then you can use a VPN or proxy. by using this VPN or proxy technique you can’t face any problems watching videos.

Free Movies Download Sites List:

1. Yify Movies

free movies download

This is one of my favorite sites and on this website, by using torrent you can easily download the latest movies which you can see in the screenshot. I make sure that you will like this website and the design is amazing.

This website will give you full details of movies like watch time and rating etc . and you can know about particular film comments is that movie is good or bad to watch.

before downloading the latest movie from torrent site you must have to know how to use torrent.

The torrent website produces which are of high quality for their users but when you using you have to keep the size of a torrent is minimum as possible.

I want to tell you one important thing for the users is every site is not safe without using the best VPN torrenting site.VPNs are most important to use these types of websites because these websites are blocked in many countries and torrent is illegal.

suppose if you create any website by using torrent you can replicate a large number of which has the same torrent and magnet links as the parent websites.

By using torrent sites you can download movies it downloads the quality of content.

2. Hdpopcorns

This Hdpopcorns torrent website is used but of course, it will be used has illegal. this website is amazing its user interface is like YIFY movies.

In some counties websites are band But please make sure that before downloading a torrent movie from any website VPN must be download. In India, it is not a big issue it depends on your country.

In this Hdpopcorns website, Alexa ranks 6401, just imagine how big this website is. it gets around 5.4m Million visitors per month. this website is amazing.

You can download here all the latest films. you can easily sort them according to Genere, Rating, Quality, etc. in one word this website will show you all the details of movies. The Hdpopcorns website will give only the information about films.

3. Showbox Android Apk

This Android Apk offers free movies and tv shows for free movies. And this Showbox is one of the most popular and video streaming applications and this is only available for Android users.

in this Android APK if you can download any movie and you have no time to see the movie it has an option to see the downloaded movie in your free time. it means you can download and watch them later.

once download the app and try if you are an android user.

4. 1337x

RARBG  is a  very famous website that provides the torrent files and links by using this RARGB you can download your favorite HD movies in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, etc.

By using this website you can download movies, Apps, games and more and it provides the Quality of content. These sites will be maintained in different domains. this site is very useful to access your favorite content.

I make sure that you all like this website because in this year many new movies are releasing so you can use this website link for downloading new movies.

If you find your favorite movie then don’t forget to use the search box

5. BobMovies

this website is useful for the users who don’t want to use the torrent then users can try the Bob movies. Here in bob movies, you will get the latest films in any language .you can sort easily according to country, Year, and genres.

By using bob movies if you download the movie you can view the trailer as well as full movie online without downloading.  make sure that internet speed must be fast to watch online.

This is the best site to download the movie without using torrent and its speed is amazing. On this website, you can create an account and leave a comment on any movie. In bob movies you dint have annoying adds.

6. Filimyanju

Mostly filimyanju uploads Bollywood, Punjab, Tamil, and Pakistani Movies and you can also find Hollywood section.you can also get information about upcoming films and you can even request a film when you are unable to find it anywhere on the internet. this Filimyanju is best for Desi people.

Mostly Hollywood movies based on action .if you are an Indian you like emotional or romance films.

7. The pirate bay

This pirate bay is the king of the torrent website because it is the oldest website in torrents one and still it is growing and this website is amazing.

once if you know how to use this pirate bay website you love it. the main problem with is website is that Ads. Ads will keep distracting you. because while using this in the middle you get porn Ads.

private Bay has a very classic look.

8. kat (KickassTorrents)

kat is an official torrent website. This website has a simple user interface to make sure that you like this website. you can download Music, books, apps, etc.

you can see any torrent website almost the content is the same I mean all website websites are competing with each other.

9. Ipagal

From this website, you can download Hindi, English, and Punjabi movies. the main problem with the website is that we get so many ads while using the website. it means when you click on something it will open the popup. you will face at least 4-5 popups while opening the link of your movie.

This website has a simple interface and this website does not exit it has an only home page where links will redirect.

10. The Internet Archive

On this website, you don’t get any latest movies or the latest movie updates. so I don’t like this website if you like classics movies you will love this website.

The main use of this website is it can store anything on the internet it means if I change open tech info it will be stored on the internet archive.

11. Youtube

Everyone known about youtube it is a famous website 90% of people using the internet. Here you can watch free movies on the internet.

if your internet connection is you don’t get any issues because youtube has awesome speed .i think everyone knows how fast it is. youtube is available for the android and ios I think you knew it. but you will not find all the movies on youtube . some movies are paid movies it means you have to pay some money and download the movie.

I love youtube.

12. RARG

This is a very famous and amazing website. you can download movies free from this website.

13. Pirateiro

This pirateiro is very famous and amazing. because this website is famous for two things movies and shows. according to pirateiro, it gets around 1.2 million visitors per month.

In this torrent website, you will face ads until you don’t sign up. the search box can be used to finding a specific one.

14. Cinisearch

this website is different because this is the search engine for the movies if you are unable to find any movie name then you should try in this CiniSearch. It is similar to Google to search the movie name.

you can sort result what you want which is needed you like a torrent, pure torrent some language options, etc.

15. Idope

This website is very easy to use for smartphone users, dope created an android app.you will not this dope app in Google play store you have to download it from the website.

you will find a search box after downloading the app just enter the movie name which you want.  you will find your film name no matter it is an old movie or a new movie.

16. Zoogle (Expired)

This Zoogle website was started in 2013. present it is available in the top 10 torrents sites. Zoogle website is available in two languages. you can browse category from the top menu.

This is a great website for media files .comparing to other torrent websites it has no difference .its web traffic is 16.22 mm. just imagine how much famous this website.

17. Torrent Downloads

This is a very famous torrent website here you will get Games, Music Movie Tv shows all these are free of cost.

In this website different languages, movies are available to download like Hindi, English, Spanish films are available to download. Here you find ads but not annoying ads.

On this website, torrent downloads get around 15.7 million visitors per month. and in this website default videos are sort by popularity.but you can use the search box.

18. Go download movies

Coming to this website I don’t know how to use and I don’t like this website.


In this  TOHRD  you will get the only HD film meanings you will not get which films were released yesterday.TORHD  is easy to use and the best thing is there are no ads. it is free from ads.

All necessary navigation makes it easy to find any film. here you can download a movie in the 720p or 1080p.


If you are from any continent side like Asia, Africa must have to use proxy or VPN to watch online movies or download. On this website, Cmmovieshd movies get around 2.2 million visitors per month.

On this website, the video player is like youtube and here you can also change speed, control subtitle, video format. Here ads are a little bit annoying.

A proxy is nothing but it hides the real address of the sites. Be careful before trusting any site.

21. HouseMovie.to

This house movie.to is another quality website for watching movies and downloading.here in every movie it has an option like button and dislike button. here you can find any movie review and rating.

while playing a video you get popup adds or when you stop video clip. there is an upcoming section that is also available it surprises you it is an amazing website.

On this website, you found only Hollywood films. There is also a separate blog related to news of Hollywood.

22. Critic Bay site opening try Movie sites

critic bay is a non Torrent website and it is not a fake website still it is working. Here you have to click two times to open the link because when you click the first time it will open adds .the the main problem of the movie site is not ads its annoying ads.

23. MoviecastBlog

Moviecastblog is the number one best website. This website design is like a blog here only holly movies will available there are no ads on this website.

you can subscribe to their mail later if you want notifications for new movies. The category section is also available.

24. XFlimy wap

This website is famous for Indian movies while using this website you will face annoying ads.  you can try this website XFlimywap The one who is not interested to use torrent.

In this website Tollywood movies, Bollywood movies and Punjabi movies are also available. you make sure that you need to use Proxy or VPN to this website.

25. Hotstar

every Indian knows hot stars very well. if you want to watch any serials you have to pay some times this is paid.

the one who gets irritated with adds while watching the movie you can choose this website .this hot star website works only in Indian country.

26. Popcornflix

On this website, you can view films as well as tv shows .but before watching movies without buffering your internet connection must be speed.

popcornflix is earning money from the ads by using a search bar you can search for the latest movies. and here there is no rating option .but while watching a film you can add the comment.

27. Paid Netflix

Netflix is an amazing choice because you can download free using torrent websites. not only films some shows which are only available on Netflix.

In pad Netflix, you can face some errors because many people using that account.

28. 123movieswatch.fun

This website is only useful for only four countries USA, Korea, China, Taiwan By using this website you watch online movies without using torrent. but here you can’t find the new latest movies.

29.  Amazon Prime

here you can find both free and paid movies from the various languages, it is having less price than the Netflix and have new movies updated within a short period


coming to the conclusion of this article I hope all you like this about Free movies download. I have published only a few sites . from these few websites you can find any latest movies.so I don’t want to make a list of 50 websites.

I make sure to share his information with everyone and it is very useful this year those who are interested which I gave in the above links you can use any of the links for download new movies.


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