OYO Referral Code (GADDJV48M) Free 200 Oyo Rupee

Now use the OYO room referral code to get a discount on your stay and I will also tell you how to get free stays in Oyo, i.e the Total payable amount is zero for booking? Yes, that is possible.

Oyo is Now coming up with many offers Amazon pay offers, get some discount using oyo referral code.OYO Referral Code

OYO Referral Code: GADDJV48M

Oyo is No 1 Hotel chain in India founded in 2013 and they have very luxurious hotels in some other countries like Malaysia, Uk, etc.

OYO Referral Code (GADDJV48M):

Use this Oyo referral code and earn some Oyo rupee, which you can redeem 100 per cent,  But Now after Covid, we are getting less amount when we compare with the before amount.

OYO Coupon code 2021:

In 2020 Oyo is offering fewer Coupons you can simply install Oyo apps with the below-mentioned link and check offers.

Join Oyo to get free 200rs credit

Free Hotel Booking with oyo:

Refer as many people as possible and get Oyo rupees, which can be 100 per cent redeemable and  Oyo money is 25 per cent redeemable.

How oyo  referral code works:

You get a free 20 Oyo rupee when someone downloads the Oyo app and joins Oyo using your referral code if they check-in you get free 200 Oyo rupees.

One oyo rupee = One Indian Rupee.

Oyo Wizard Membership:

To get another 10 percent on wizard base hotels, get wizard membership hotels.

  • How to signup for Oyo:
  • Download the Oyo apps from here
  • Enter a phone number and confirm with the OTP
  • Enter referral code GADDJV48M
  • set your password
  • after entering the referral code, you get Oyo money

Sign Up on the OYO website: Now you have to enter your phone number and verify your Time Password. Once you have done that, enter your Name, Email address and OYO refer code (GADDJV48M). That’s it! You can now check your OYO Rupee and OYO Money wallet for the referral reward to use on your Hotel booking.

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