How to Unblock Paytm Account (Solved 2022)

How to Unblock Paytm Account

Generally Paytm blocks Paytm accounts when something wrong happens with the account that including receiving illegal funds, using an unauthorized card (when someone takes it to the notice of Paytm), and several other reasons you can check all below and protect the account from further blocks.

There are many apps and sites from which we can earn Paytm cash, we can transfer our Paytm cash to the bank without any charges. We have to make a Paytm Merchant Account. Paytm is mainly is used for the fastest online recharge, bill  & utility payment, and online shopping.

Reasons why Paytm Account gets blocked:

  1. using multiple Accounts on the same mobile
  2. using scripts to login
  3. the wrong password was entered many times

Methods to unblock Paytm  account:

If you are undergone things like using scripts to make the transaction on rooted devices, continuous invalid login attempts suspicious activity then you may be a victim.

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Paytm account blocked is very common for those who do carding or do any misuse. if your account is blocked then immediately you tried to search in google. As same as if you’re Paytm is blocked you will search in google but sometimes it doesn’t give more information about an unblocking Paytm account.

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Here I am showing you how to unblock the Paytm account which is blocked. Follow the below methods to unblock the Paytm account.

Paytm Started Paytm care a 24*7 Chat support option you can use this option from the application and resolve all your issues. including your wallet temporary block.


  1. call customer care(24*7):9643979797
  2. choose options 2,5,9,(IVR) which leads in requesting a call back by a Paytm executive.
  3. you will surely get a callback but not immediately(takes some hours)
  4. inform the executive about your account details and from when it is blocked
  5. He will finally tell you to mail all the following documents.
  • visit an Email service provider which is linked to your Paytm account(Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo).
  • unless we contact the Paytm account to unblock. there is no other choice for you to get unblocked
  • compose an email from the Paytm linked account and explain what you did.
  • write honestly &  ask them to unblock Paytm Account.
  • if you want to know the reason why you’re Paytm is blocked you must question them.
  • if there is no response after sending those emails try to contact mobile.

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why a Paytm  account gets blocked:Unblock Paytm Account

if you did any mistakes there is a chance of getting blocked and it will show an error message your account is blocked please contact your customer care then you can check the details of customer care which I gave in above.

How to protect Paytm:

you will protect your Paytm from hacking. Not only for Paytm it can be used to protect google payphone pay, and more .you  can use a mobile password or pattern to open the Paytm app

  • to change the Paytm account password when you enter the password in front of others .better to change the password frequently.
  • you can also use antivirus on your android devices . the main use of antivirus is  it protects from MITM attacks
  • change the password of your Gmail, the account which is  linked with your Paytm
  • Avoid using passwords in front of cc cameras(closed circuits) and also to avoid using the password in net centers.
  • And also avoid using public wifi’s because many hackers do MITM attacks
  • Try to use virtual machines.


  1. This information gives you a way to unblock your Paytm account.
  2. you will surely get help from which I gave information and I hope this guide will help you to protect yourself from the hacking of your Paytm account
  3. follow the above instructions to avoid blocking.
  4. use a thrust antivirus because security is always good.


This is the only way to get back your Paytm account, just contact support and question them and make sure you have to answer all their questions.

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