Activate JIO caller Tune for free (Verified in 2020)


Activate JIO caller Tune for free

Hi, friends here I am going to tell you a simple and easy method to activate free jio caller Tune on Reliance jio number. this Reliance jio is the most famous topic now and everyone is most `interested in it. if you are a jio user? Reliance jio provides to the jio user with free access to its suite of apps and free messages along with 4G data and unlimited voice calling and you can also set your favorite song as a caller tune to your number.there are no chargers to active jio caller tune, it’s all free of cost.

In this article, I am going to explain to you how to set or activate any of your favorite songs as your jio caller tune for your jio number. You no need to pay a single penny from your pocket . just need only jio sim and jio caller tune app to set your favorite song

How to  Activate jio caller Tune for free.

jio caller tune

  • For activation of the jio caller tune, you can start activating the caller tune, by sending a text message to jio caller tine toll-free number is 56789.
  • Before that in your mobile open message app.
  • In the message, app type JT and send it to 56789.
  • within seconds you will receive a message from jio care reply accordingly to set your caller tune.
  • if you want to make your favorite song as Reliance jio caller tune then just follow steps like below.

Type: MOVIE < movie Name >sen it to 56789SINGER <singer Name > send it to 56789ALBUM < album name > send it to 5678

  • If you want any of your favorite movie songs. Type the movie name and message as stated above.
  • In a couple of seconds, you will get a reply from Reliance jio.
  • just choose your favorite song with number and reply.
  • you will get one more SMS for final confirmation just reply “Y”
  • And confirm that you are activating reliance jio free caller tune service.
  •  All done! your free caller tune is successfully activated for 30 days.

enjoy this free service of reliance jio caller Tune. And I make sure that this process will take only one minute to activation of a jio caller tune.

Advantages of Reliance  jio caller  tune:

  1. By using Reliance jio app there is no need to pay a charge for activation of jio caller tune ( Because reliance  jio tune is free of cost)
  2. If any jio user-activated  Reliance jio number you can enjoy free services for a lifetime.
  3. if you are not interested in caller tune easy to deactivate.
  4. No charges to pay any monthly subscription. And no hidden charges.
  5. the Best advantage is without doing any process if you called someone as same jio user if he kept already jio caller tune if you like that song you can press * within seconds you get a message from jio care then you reply to that message as y for activating the same song.

How TO Activate jio caller Tune using mobile through  jio number :

It is a very easy and simple method to activate jio caller tunes for free with the help of the jio Music app you can set your favorite song through an internet connection and browse the jio caller tune song list.  TO activate your favorite song or change the caller tune.

Observe these steps which I gave below :

  • open the jio music app and select your favorite song to set as your caller tune. Tap on it and play the song.
  • While playing the music you can appear one option which is “set As a jio tune”. Click on that and set a caller tune.
  • These are the easy steps to activate the jio caller tune.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article is all about how to activate a jio caller tune without any cost through reliance jio number. it is very helpful in this year, I am sure that you will get new movies to set new songs as jio caller tunes.

If I miss anything pls let me know in a comment.


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